Supply Chain

Streamlining the fuel supply chain with integrated automation and information management solutions.

Effective enterprise-wide fuel supply-chain management can improve profitability and efficiency by reducing overheads, excessive inventory and cutting high distribution costs. This enterprise-wide approach integrates all activities from receipt, storage and dispatching product at the terminal; through to delivery at the retail or consumer’s premises. True integration encompasses loading terminals, bulk delivery vehicles and retail/consumer sites. LAS provides a single point of responsibility to design and implement a customer’s fuel supply-chain solution, offering a turnkey approach including the handling of analysis and design, manufacturing, installation, training and commissioning.

Solutions are based on a combination of third party and in-house developed software, to provide proven, reliable solutions incorporating the latest automation and optimisation technology. This results in a streamlined, supply-chain with reduced cost, time and product losses.

Dynamic Fluid Management

Developed by LAS for consumer sites, mining applications, aviation and specialised loading terminals, Opti-MIM is a cost effective, modular inventory management solution that:

The modular design approach of Opti-MIM means that it is scalable to fit customer’s exact needs. Modules address specific functionality and can be added seamlessly to the base system at any stage. A solution is built up from several functional software modules. Standard configurations are available for different industries, incorporating only those modules that are relevant for the application.

LAS has a team of developers whose functions range from design of proprietary software and products to supporting host integration and customisation of field hardware. This allows LAS to tailor unique and relevant solutions to satisfy diverse customer needs.