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With a presence throughout Southern Africa region, Liquid Automation Systems (LAS) provides a 24/7 aftermarket service on LAS equipment and software applications. In this way ensuring maximum productivity of assets whilst also providing a bureau service offering that gives customers valuable management information.


The LAS Call Centre operates as a centralized point for all South African and Africa Customers to log hardware maintenance and software support calls. The Call Centre operates on a 24/7 basis manned by experienced operators.

Once a call has been logged, the Operator will provide the Customer with a call log number which can be used to track individual calls. Depending on the nature of the call, the Operator will make the necessary arrangements and scheduling for a technician to attend and resolve the call.

After completion of the call the Operator will contact the Customer and provide call status updates, necessary feedback and recommendations wherever necessary.

Service branches are operating in all major provinces and parts of Africa:

 LAS Call Centre +27 82 899 1774

Automation Services





Calibration of Flow Meters

LAS are the leading bulk petroleum meter calibration laboratory in South Africa. LAS’s accreditation assures users that our customer’s custody transfer measuring equipment complies with Legal Metrology design and accuracy standards at all times.

Where verification covers the certification of legal metrology instruments to ensure compliance with legal standards and approved equipment, calibration focuses on minimizing measurement errors to ensure that discrepancies are accurately quantified. Accurate calibration squeezes out extra profit by reducing product losses in the fuel distribution chain.

Modern measuring equipment using the latest technology is setting new levels for continued accuracy performance. This created a need for more accurate and scientifically founded calibration techniques.

The LAS Compact Piston Prover represents the latest in meter proving techniques. This mobile unit is the first type approved by the Legal Metrology Department of the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) as a reference standard.

Benefits Offered by Compact Piston Prover


Maintenance support offerings are dependent on our Customers’ requirements and needs. To ensure the Customer receives maximum benefit out of its fuel management system, increasing productivity and decreasing downtime LAS offers both Ad-Hoc services and maintenance agreements (service level agreements).

Although Ad-Hoc calls are dependent on technician availability LAS strives to respond to support calls within 24 hours telephonically and provide on-site support within 48 hours wherever possible.

Where response and resolution times are the determining factors the best and preferred option for Customers will be a service level agreement. Currently we have the options of a TOS (technician based on site), a Roaming Technician or a Customer Dedicated Technician.



The Licensed software is owned and copyrighted by Liquid Automation Systems. Developed by LAS, Opti-MIM is an integral part of the fuel management system offering.

Highly experienced software technicians provide support to Opti-MIM Customers and escalation procedures are in place depending on the priority level of the call. Opti-MIM support also forms part of the Aftermarket 24/7 service.

Both Ad-hoc services and service level agreements are offered to Opti-MIM Customers. In addition we also offer a Bureau Service where LAS manages and administer Opti-MIM remotely (Please contact LAS Head Office for more information).


LAS also provide maintenance and support services for Tank gauging equipment including Servo and Radar gauges and software. Tank gauges, apart from calibrations, require almost no periodic preventative maintenance; LAS are equipped with specialist staff to perform troubleshooting and fault diagnostics in the event that support is required and provide the necessary technical on/off site support.


Training is offered to customers where there is a requirement. The course usually is over a period of one week and will include basic first line training for hardware maintenance and software support. Depending on the number of attendees, training will take place at LAS Elandsfontein offices or Customer premises.