Fuel Management Solutions

The LAS Fuel Management System (FMS) is used on vehicle fleets and enables “attendant free refueling” and “remote monitoring of fuel usage and stocks” by Fuel Managers. The system is not restricted to Fuels and all functionality can be implemented for Lubricants.

LAS provides peace of mind about the fuel you have received and dispensed. Our automated solutions reduce human intervention resulting in timeous, accurate, traceable information – ultimately resulting in cost savings.

Typical sectors making use of the LAS FMS systems include

The FMS impacts the fuel process as follows:

Human error is reduced. Detail regarding fuel transactions and status is captured electronically.

Efficiencies – are improved as follows:

The system building blocks



General operation of FMS

The current site and vehicle conditions are configured by LAS, and the system is commissioned. These include

Receipt of fuel

Refuelling of vehicle

Tank levels

Polling of Hectronic controllers