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Liquid Automation System (LAS) supplies comprehensive and reliable fuel measurement and fuel management systems and allied services to fuel suppliers and end users. With the high costs of fuels and lubricants, accurate and traceable management information can assist stakeholders to increase efficiency.

For most fleet organizations, fuel makes up a large portion of the budget. While fuel may always be a significant portion of your fleet budget, there is a way to reclaim control of your fuel operations: Investing in a viable fuel management system.

With the sort of information made available by a successful fleet fuel management system, the advantages for your fleet organization are practically boundless. Here are some benefits of a fuel management system:

  1. Improve Data Accuracy

With an automated fleet fuel management solution, your data is captured in real-time right at the pump! LAS fuel management systems provide proficient fuel management so you never need to stress over your fuel data integrity again.

  1. Lower Fuel Costs

Does reducing your fuel costs sound too good to be true? Through increased security, precise data for billing and less fuel errors, you can save up to approximately 15% in fuel consumption with an automated fuel management system!

  1. Reduce Fraud and Abuse

Fuel theft and abuse isn’t uncommon in the fleet industry. To ensure that your drivers are fueling their vehicles properly, you ought to invest in a fuel system to verify that they’re fueling the right vehicle at the correct filling station, as per their fuel allowance.

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