Gantry Automation Systems

LAS provides an integrated solution that delivers value from conception to implementation for all types of distribution and bulk terminals.

Our gantry automation systems are designed to help you control and manage your fuel usage to deliver ultimate performance and efficiency. It is a secure operation that is monitored 24/7. it is extremely user-friendly, monitor your site remotely from any web browser, interfaces with all makes of existing fuel pumps and meters.

Benefits of gantry monitoring systems:

  • Easy to use, touch screen user interface
  • Back office software, detailed reporting
  • Detailed vehicle and driver consumption reports
  • Wet stock and tank management control
  • Reliability and security
  • Local customer accounts package
  • Connects to all makes of existing pumps and meters
  • Remote report viewing via broadband
  • Unlimited number of vehicles and drivers
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Typical sectors making use of the LAS systems include:

With the increasing cost of petroleum products, it is imperative to receive maximum accuracy when reconciling volumes of liquids received into the depot. This is accomplished by an integrated solution incorporating the following systems:
Loading arm skids are manufactured to our client specification and tested at our SANS Accredited Laboratory. The mobile skids are easily transported and installed on site with minimal interruption to the daily operations.