Software Solutions

Streamlining the fuel supply chain with integrated automation and information management solutions.

Effective enterprise-wide fuel supply-chain management can improve profitability and efficiency by reducing overheads, excessive inventory and cutting high distribution costs. This enterprise-wide approach integrates all activities from receipt, storage and dispatching product at the terminal; through to delivery at the retail or consumer’s premises. True integration encompasses loading terminals, bulk delivery vehicles and retail/consumer sites.

LAS provides a single point of responsibility to design and implement a customer’s fuel supply-chain solution, offering a turnkey approach including the handling of analysis and design, manufacturing, installation, training and commissioning. Solutions are based on a combination of third party and in-house developed software, to provide proven, reliable solutions incorporating the latest automation and optimisation technology. This results in a streamlined, supply-chain with reduced cost, time and product losses


Dynamic Fluid Management

Developed by LAS for consumer sites, mining applications, aviation and specialised loading terminals, Opti-MIM is a cost effective, modular inventory web based management solution that offers:


The modular design approach of Opti-MIM means that it is flexible to fit customer’s exact needs. Modules address specific functionality and can be added seamlessly to the base system at any stage. A solution is built up from several functional software modules. Standard configurations are available for different industries, incorporating only those modules that are relevant for the application.


Liquid Automation Systems (LAS) provides a totally integrated solution, combining hardware and software for refuelling and lubrication. It provides comprehensive fuel accounting, from receipt into bulk tanks, transfer from bulk tanks into small tanks, transfer to mobile bowsers and refuelling of fuel consuming assets.


LAS Opti-MIMWeb provides a fully integrated view of the entire fuel consumption to ensure seamless, accurate accounting for fuel usage. Opti-MIMWeb is an in-house developed software package, and this enables it to be easily customised for different customer requirements.

The software can already interface with many third-party systems such as ERP systems and fleet management systems. There is no physical installation required on any users’ device to access the software generated reports.

An unlimited number of users can access the software as there is no license per user required. The software does support windows authentication.


Opti-MIMWeb has two standard dashboards to provide the user with a quick overview of the flowing functions:

  • Tank inventory levels per site.  
  • Amount of transactions generated and sent to the server.
  •    Controller and Tank communication status.
  •    Number of alarms raised in the system.
  • Highest fuel consuming assets on site


LAS Opti-MIMWeb can generate alarms that could indicate the following conditions:

  • Unauthorised refuelling of vehicles.
  • Override cards used on site to authorise the refuelling of assets not fitted with passive destructive tags.
  • Transactions that are failing to save.
  • Tank levels that reach pre-set levels.
  • Assets fitted with automatic kms/ hour reading not counting.


  • Transactions from the controllers can be pre-set to be automatically retrieved hourly, daily, weekly or near real time depending on the communication method used. Manual transaction retrieval is also possible.
  • Tank levels can be updated hourly, daily, weekly or near real time depending on the communication method used. These updates can be automatic or manual transactions.
  • Custom reports generated and sent to different users on the frequency determined by the users.
  • Export of flat files or staging tables can be prompted on a frequency determined by the users.
  • Re-order level alarms can be emailed to the users responsible for stock replenishment.



LAS further offers bureau service that assist the customer to derive maximum value from the system and ensure return on investment made. Bureau service covers the following:

  • Remote access into Opti-MIM database to do periodic checks on the system health.
  • Provide customised management reports providing intelligence that can be used to drive operational efficiency and reduce cost.
  • Investigate and report on the usage of fuel dispensing override cards and the fuel volume associated with that.
  • Check and report on unassigned refuelling to ensure that correct cost allocation is done.
  • Report on any suspected fuel abuse or irregular usage.
  • Identify short comings on the management of hydrocarbon usage and recommend the best practices.
  • Assist first line maintenance team on site on issues that should be focused on.