Automated Diesel Rebate Solutions

As an organisation that strives towards exceptional service delivery and technological advancement in the industry, Liquid Automation Systems pave the way for a world class fuel software module that will change the way businesses operate.

Reporting platforms require an improved sense of data integrity, streamlined calculations and requirements in order for the rebate to be signed off successfully.

The software, “OptiMIM” includes a Diesel Rebate module that increases efficiency through automating the process of producing compliant diesel usage logbooks. This will ultimately be utilised through eligible and non-eligible purchases to support the diesel rebate claim in accordance with legislative changes.

We have an experienced and skilled workforce that is knowledgeable in the areas of Diesel Refund Legislation, Auditing and Software Development.
The two logbooks required to comply with the requirements of the audit trail of diesel fuel for refunds include the diesel storage facility which encompasses tanks, bowsers and cassettes as well as the diesel usage logbook.

Definitive requirements for a compliant diesel refund include data fields such as the opening and closing date, monthly opening litres of diesel in equipment, litres received from storage as well as the purpose of activity performed and particulars of the operator.

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